About our Piano Instructor, Barbara Horn

Barbara Horn

Barbara Horn is a native of San Antonio, Texas. She began her music career at age nineteen on the year of 2005 at “Escuela Superior de Musica y Danza”, a Classical Music Conservatory in Monterrey, Mexico. She studied classical piano and voice for three years in a very intensive way. She really enjoyed her time studying there since she learned a lot from great teachers and the school’s program gave her a lot of time to practice the piano and sing. After that she decided she wanted to study in the US, She originally wanted to study at Boston but ended up transferring  to The University of Texas at San Antonio where she studied Piano, Voice, Organ and Harpsichord for the next four years and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music on May of 2012.

Barbara has continuously studied music for fourteen years with highly renowned teachers including: Mauricio Garza-Salazar, Carlos Guzman, Fernando Davil, Manuel Moctezuma, Teresa Tamez, Mirthala Salazar, Cristina Velazco, Kathia Santos, Graciela Suarez, Dr. Gary Mabry, Dr. Kassandra Keeling, Dr. David Eaton, Dr. Brent Watkins, Professor Sophia Gilmson and Dr. David Heller. She decided to study the keyboard (piano, organ and harpsichord) as her main instrument since age nineteen as it is the one she mostly enjoys playing.

Right after her graduation on May of 2012 she began studying harpsichord, piano and organ with Dr. David Heller; an outstanding recitalist, pedagogue and concert organist from Trinity University. She is planning to continue studying with him for a long time.

She has taught beginner-intermediate piano for more than nine years at several music academies in Mexico and San Antonio and privately as well. She is currently teaching at her own home studio, Piano Stone Oak, located in the Stone Oak area on Canyon Golf and Wilderness Oak.

This last October she was nominated to be a recipient of the 2018 Steinway Top Teacher Award. An award presented to teachers across the US and Canada who have exemplified excellence and commitment to teaching and inspiring young people in the study of piano performance.

Besides teaching, Barbara enjoys playing the piano and pipe organ and taking her weekly private piano and organ lessons. She practices in the mornings before 3:00 pm and enjoys learning and playing new keyboard repertoire.

On her free time, when not practicing organ, piano or harpsichord, she likes to jog and swim, be with her Husband and her five Golden Retrievers, go to the mall, coffee places or shopping stores, listen to jazz and classical music, read, cook, write, dine out, travel and spend time with her close friends and family.

Barbara’s previous teaching experience includes:

  • Sala Beethoven, Piano Teacher 2006 .
  • Kinder Nido: Kindergarden Music Teacher 2007
  • Monfrey Music: Piano Teacher 2008 San Antonio, Texas
  • Studio 88 Music: Piano and Voice Teacher 2010-2013   San Antonio, Texas
  • Alamo Music Center: Piano and Voice Teacher 2010-2013  San Antonio, Texas
  • Piano Stone Oak: Owner and Piano Teacher 2012- present .


My grandchildren Isabella and Anthony have been taking piano from Mrs. Horn for about four years. There is no one better, more accomplished and patient as she. Mrs. Horn’s gentle and caring manner bring out the best in her students! It takes us forty minutes to arrive at her house and every mile and minute is worth the trip. Not only is Mrs. Horn a one of a kind instructor, she is always working on improving her technique and repertoire. We Love Mrs. Horn! Luisa Naumann San Antonio, Texas

A big fan of yours

After not playing piano for 25 years I decided to give it a try again. I looked around and found Barbara’s studio Piano Stone Oak and started again. I have been just 6 months studying with her and I can’t be happier. The method that Barbara is using has taken me step by step and I have seen improvement every week. I will recommend Piano Stone Oak to anybody regardless age. Barbara is a really great teacher.

I will recommend Piano Stone Oak regardless of age