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My grandchildren Isabella and Anthony have been taking piano from Ms. Mora for about four years. There is no one better, more accomplished and patient as she. Ms. Mora’s gentle and caring manner bring out the best in her students! It takes us forty minutes to arrive at her house and every mile and minute is worth the trip. Not only is Ms. Mora a one of a kind instructor, she is always working on improving her technique and repertoire. We Love Mrs. Mora! Luisa Naumann San Antonio, Texas

A big fan of yours

After not playing piano for 25 years I decided to give it a try again. I looked around and found Barbara’s Piano studio and started again. I have been just 6 months studying with her and I can’t be happier. The method that Barbara is using has taken me step by step and I have seen improvement every week. I will recommend Barbara’s Piano Studio to anybody regardless age. Barbara is a really great teacher.

I will recommend Piano Stone Oak regardless of age